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Manzana Solar provides all the necessary components
of a successful solar power project.

Manzana Solar - Solar Power Systems

Our Services

The successful deployment of solar projects requires the right
combination of planning, execution, and follow-through.
Trust the Manzana Solar team to provide the full range of services you need to make solar work for you.

Manzana Solar's consulting and solar system design services
Consulting & System Design
Manzana Solar designs systems
for your exact needs, taking into
account space and constraints,
especially your overall savings.
Our engineers have many years
of experience in large and
complex solar installations.
Manzana Solar offers complete financing
Turn-Key Solar Program
Each Manzana project includes
financing for system acquisition,
construction, and maintenance.
Our service contracts provide
immediate savings, cost certainty,
and a valuable hedge against
future energy price spikes.
Manzana Solar offers professional installations
Professional Installation
Our team utilizes experienced
pros who have deployed solar
energy system and efficiency
projects at schools, universities,
commercial centers, military
bases and government buildings
throughout the country.
Manzana Solar will monitor and maintain your solar power system
Monitoring & Maintenance
Our systems include on-going
operational and maintenance
support of your solar project,
24/7 performance monitoring,
routine system cleaning, and
complete electrical inspections
to ensure its performance.

Manzana Solar provides turn-key solar energy
systems for private, public, and non-profit clients.

Project Sectors include:

Office parks
Sports facilities
Hospitality venues
Commercial centers
Industrial complexes
Community service organizations
and more...

Manzana Solar projects include:

• Certified energy auditing
• Complete site evaluation
• Solar array citing design
• Energy efficiency upgrades
• Structural and electrical engineering
• Project plan development
• Construction permit processing
• Complete system financing
• Professional installation
• Rebate application processing
• Tax incentive maximization
• On-site project management
• Equipment supply procurement
• Independent engineering review
• Utility electrical grid tie-in
• In-service operation testing
• Commissioning and certification
• On-going system maintenance
• Renewable Energy Credit (REC) utilization
• 24/7 system performance monitoring
• Technical service and support
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